Natalya Attestatova

Meet Natalya Attestatova, Esq., CPA. As a practicing tax attorney and CPA, with both professional and personal experience with family law and the courts, Natalya is highly qualified to assist and advise the family law practitioner in the complicated financial (or fiscal) matters associated with divorce and separation issues. Her knowledge can help simplify and explain the sometimes complex accounting and tax issues unique to each case and give you and your clients the best resolution possible.

When two parties understand the facts of their situation, conflictual matters can be brought to a resolution through the presentation of evidence. An expert witness is a powerful aide in this process by providing invaluable insight into the truth of a matter. Experts, who have specialized training, education and/or professional experience, are often called upon to testify on subjects within their area of expertise. Expert testimony can be crucial in determining the outcome of a case, and an expert witness is expected to provide a reliable opinion based on factual evidence that goes beyond the point of ordinary education and life experience. In addition, experts often provide technical analysis and detailed explanations of technical terms or topics within their scope of expertise.

As your expert advisor, Natalya can provide her experience in the financial areas of child support, marital property dissolution, alimony, forensic accounting, income tax preparation and other related matters. She can also present complicated information in simple language that everyone can understand.

If you would like an expert that is caring, timely, efficient and affordable, call Natalya today!

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